About the Book

One day, you come to a certain kind of awareness about yourself when you discover yourself in this place that we call the world. A world where you have to touch, feel, see, hear, taste, discover, explore.

It is a necessary realization.

You are told all the stories of your arrival on these earthly shores by those who witnessed your birth. Whether the story concerning your birth is simple or convoluted, overly dramatic or bland; the vital thing to note is that by intricate design and a divine purpose, you are right here

Right here to start another journey.

From the very second of your grand entrance to the world’s intricate play, you were already acting on the grand stage of eternal purpose preordained by The Orchestrator of Life Himself!

This is the start of your journey of emergence.

Silent or loud; veiled or obvious-the most pertinent question that we all ask ourselves is ‘Who am I & why am I here’? The web and maze of life.

The web and maze of your life is also intricately woven with the interconnectedness of your lane with others who are also pilgrims on their own paths. Just like you

Seeking and searching. Just like you.

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