About the Author

About the Author

GLOWREEYAH BRAIMAH is a kaleidoscope of colours. As a distinct Music Minister (with a global worship anthem ‘Miracle-Worker’ and other notable songs), she is also a Lawyer, Creativepreneur, Speaker and Social Impact Advocate. GLOWREEYAH BRAIMAH is a blazing Multipassionate and transgenerational young-at-heart personality.

As a child, GLOWREEYAH read a book every day and her favourite hang-out spot in her parent’s home was in their Study. GLOWREEYAH’S creative ability as a Wordsmith is enthralling and masterful. Her beautiful and insightful mind enables her to use words and coinages to paint a picture, to tell a story and to create legacy projects as a Consultant for businesses. She has a name and hashtag for everyone in her world and it sticks with them. Her loved ones describe her as ‘a plethora in a depth of field’ – Hearty, Warm, Compassionate, Loyal, Resilient, Creative, Wise and Witty.

Her colours run deep into everything. Whether it is consulting for a new project or mentoring her creative children/teenage mentees at The Zidata Initiative or churning up a new recipe in her kitchen or spending quality time with her friends, family and her ‘Tangy Italiano’, GLOWREEYAH is very colourful in her expression and deeply passionate in the demonstration of her love for God and for people. In her own words, she says that she may never have the force and prowess of the world’s greatest armies or the vast reserves of the super-powers but what she has is heart, life and love enough to change a generation; with one word, one song, one expression, one person at a time’!

GLOWREEYAH’S evolving diversity and inspirational experience is proof evident that she’s truly #heretoglow as a Bridge-Builder connecting us all and making a difference in her community, her nation and our world for such a time as this.